Create Open Source Bitbucket Project

I created a new open source project called Rest R Ant. I created that project in Bitbucket. The following are the steps that I followed.

Create Rest R Ant Project

Bitbucket Project allows you to group repositories and to manage permissions for them in an aggregated way.

Here are the steps to create a Bitbucket project.

  • Login to Bitbucket.
  • Click on Create Project button on the right hand corner.
Create Project Button
  • Fill project owner, name, description.
  • Uncheck Privacy check box if you want to create an Open Source Project.
  • Pick an Avatar for the project. You can upload an image and create Avatar from it. I downloaded an image from and used it as an Avatar.
  • Click Create Project button.
Create a project

Create Rest R Ant Engine Repository

Once the project has been created, create a repository as shown below.

  • From the confirmation screen of Project creation, click on Create respository button.
  • Owner and Project fields are prefilled.
  • Enter a Repository name. My repository name is Rest R Ant Engine.
  • Uncheck Access level if you want to create an open source repository.
  • Inclue a default Readme file. I picked Yes, with a template.
  • Pick Version Control. I picked Git.
  • Click Advanced Settings.
  • Enter some description.
  • Click on Check boxes Issue Tracking and Wiki if you want to use base issue tracking and wiki provided by BitBBucket.
  • Finally pick language. I will be coding Rest R Ant Engine using Java.
  • Click Create Repository button.
Create Repository
  • A new repository is successfully created.
Create Repository Success

Integrate Repository with Trello

BitBucket allows you to integrate a repository with Trello. Using this feature one can create repository branches based on Trello tasks. The following are instructions to link Trello with Bitbucket.

  • Login to Trello with your Trello Userid/password.
  • Create a new Team called Rest R Ant.
  • Logout of Trello.
  • Now Login to Bitbucket and go to your repository.
  • Click on Boards on the left navigation menu.
Link Trello 1
  • Click on Connect to Trello button.
Link Trello 2
  • Let Bitbucket access your Trello account.
Link Trello 3
  • Click on Create new board button.
Link Trello 4
  • Fill the popup with Rest R Ant Engine as Board name and Rest R Ant as Team and click Create button.
Link Trello 5
  • Set board access such that all repository Write users can access the board.
Link Trello 6
  • Now you can see Trello board from within BitBucket.
Link Trello 7

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