Create Plain Vanilla Springboot Project

I have decided to build Rest R Ant Engine using Spring Boot Framework. I will be following Clean Architecture to build it using Spring Boot Framework.

Steps to create Springboot project

  1. Went to Spring initializer website at
  2. Picked the following options.
    1. Project: Gradle Project.
    2. Language: Java
    3. Spring Boot: 2.1.6 ( latest as of this writing)
    4. Project Metadata
      1. Group: com.aja
      2. Artifact: restRant
      3. Name: restRant
      4. Package Name: com.aja.restrant
      5. Packaging: jar
      6. Java: 12
    5. Dependencies
      1. Web: Spring Web Starter
  3. Clicked Generate the project button.
  4. This downloaded my Springboot plain vanila project as a zip file.
  5. I cloned Git repository that we created in BitBucket using the following command.
    1. git clone
    2. This created a folder rest-r-ant-engine.
  6. I extracted the contents of restRant folder within zip file into rest-r-ant-engine folder.
  7. Ran the following command to run rest-r-ant-engine. gradlew bootRun

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