Configure CircleCI

CircleCI is Continuous Integration, a development practice which is being used by software teams allowing them to to build, test and deploy applications easier and quicker on multiple platforms.

I followed the below steps to connect my BitBucket project to CircleCI

  1. Signed into Circle CI using Bitbucket credentials.
  2. Clicked Add Projects from Left hand navigation.
  3. Clicked Set Up Project on rest-r-ant-engine project line item.
  4. On the Setup Project page, picked Linux Operatting System and Gradle (Java) language.
  5. Followed the Next Steps actions as provided on Set Up Project page.
    1. On my local machine created folder .circleci under the root folder.
    2. Populated config.yml with the contents of config.yml as provided on the page.
    3. I updated the content of config.yml with the following
      1. Run with OpenJDK 11.
      2. Set working directory to rest-r-ant-engine folder.
      3. Use provided gradle using gradlew.
      4. Use ./gradlew check to do the build. My main aim is make sure all the tests pass on every git push.
      5. Set store_test_results variable so that it shows JUnit summary on Test Summary page.
      6. Set store_artifacts variable so that it shows the check reports on Artifacts tab of Circle CI.
    4. Here is the content of my config.yml.

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